Ride Start - Apex Park Wangaratta

The event will start at Check In at Apex Park in Wangaratta on Saturday morning.(Map) From Wangaratta riders and their bikes will be transported to the start of the rail trail in Bright.

Anticipated schedule (please check closer to the event for confirmed times)

Check in open from 8.30 am (note revised later time)

Pick up ID tags for you, your bike and your luggage, check in your luggage and prep your bike for transport. (see below for info on bike transport).

Buses depart 9.30 am

Getting to the Ride Start:


Vline trains depart Melbourne three times daily most days for Wangaratta. More information and timetable at Vline. To encourage use of trains, we will meet riders on the train arriving from Melbourne at 10.00 am Saturday, and provide transport direct from there to Bright.


Wangaratta is on the HUme Freeway, the main driving route between Sydney and Melbourne.Driving times (approximate) to Wangaratta from

* Melbourne CBD 2.5 hours

* Canberra CBD 4 hours

* Sydney CBD 6 1/4 hours

Transporting your bike

We will be transporting you and your bike from check in ( and the ride finish) at Apex Park Wangaratta, to the ride start in Bright. You will travel by bus, and your bike will become a cow and travel by cattle truck.

To effect this transformation, your bike needs:

* The handlebars turned 90' to be parallel with the frame of your bike

* The pedals removed, and attached to the frame with a cable tie. ( don't forget the pedals..)

To protect your frame from bruising during transport you may also like to make a jacket of cardboard or bubble wrap around tender bits of frame. We don't want to be carrying your bike onto the truck, so don't tie it's legs together - make sure they can turn in the jacket. Please be efficient with the padding - we have to dispose of it at Bright. Recyclable material is preferable.


If you've never removed pedals / turned handlebars on your bike before, don't panic! We'll have crew on hand to help you. If this is something you are happy to do yourself however, it will make loading the bikes much smoother.

Pedals can become Very Tight over time, so have them checked when you have your bike serviced prior to the ride to ensure they can be easily removed on the day: it will really help us keep things moving smoothly.

Parking your car - Wangaratta.

Cars can be left at Apex Park for the duration of the ride. If you prefer secured parking, we suggest contacting the adjacent Painters Island Caravan Park (03 5721 3380) who may be able to offer parking for a fee.